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Route Leaflets

Cyclesolihull has produced a series of nearly 50 self-guided ride leaflets which are a great way of getting out on your bike. All use relatively quiet roads and visit attractive countryside. Many of them feature places of interest on route. The rides are between 5 and 25 miles long so, depending on your pace, they will take between 1 to 3 hours when cycled non-stop - it is surprising how far you can go in a relatively short time! However if you fancy a more leisurely ride most of them show en-route pubs and cafes where you can stop for a drink and make the ride into a pleasant half-day or evening ride.

These routes form the basis of the Sunday Cycle Rides, the Evening Explorer, Taster and Saturday Xtra rides.

You can now download most of the routes in pdf format using the links below.



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Cyclesolihull rides go ahead unless there is persistant heavy rain (not just showers), very strong winds, snow or ice. Rides are rarely cancelled but if we feel this is necessary because forecast bad weather we will try and put information about this on the website before the start of the ride.



The are over 50 Cyclesolihull Routes for you to cycle, either alone or with family and friends.

Taster 'T' Routes are about 5 miles long.

Short 'S' Routes are about 10 miles long.

Medium 'M' Routes are about 15 miles long.

Long 'L' Routes are about 20 miles long.

Extra Long 'XL' Routes are about 25 miles long.

Most routes now have a leaflet containing detailed route instructions and a map. You can download the leaflets as pdfs by clicking on the links on the right.

Route Areas covered  
T1 Dorridge Park & Packwood download
T4 Dickens Heath & Earlswood download
T6 Monkspath, Illshaw Heath & Blythe Valley Park download
T8 Balsall Coomon & Balsall Street NOT YET AVAILABLE
T9 Cheswick Green, Ilshaw Heath & Earlswood NOT YET AVAILABLE
T17 Dorridge, Packwood & Lapworth NOT YET AVAILABLE
S1 Dorridge, Packwood & Lapworth download
S2 Knowle, Barston & Temple Balsall download
S3 Catherine-de-Barnes, Hampton and Barston download
S4 Dickens Heath Tanworth & Earlswood Lakes download
S5 Meriden, Eaves Green & Maxstoke download
S6 Monkspath, Cheswick Green & Earlswood download
S7 Malvern Park, Catherine-de-Barnes & Ravenshaw NOT YET AVAILABLE
S8 Balsall Common, Bent Green, Flint's Green and Berkswell download
S9 Cheswick Green, Danzey Green & Tanworth download
S10 Solihull Lodge, Forhill & Hollywod download
S11 Hockley, Packwood House and Lowsonford download
S12 Marston Green, Elmdon & Bickenhill download
S13 Bentley Heath, Packwood, Kingswod download
S15 Coleshill, Whitacre Heath, Hams Hall download
S17 Chelmsley Wood, Old Yardley & Sheldon CP download
S18 Castle Bromwich, Meriden Park & Cole Valley download
S19 Olton, Catherine-de-Barnes download
M2 Knowle, Rowington & Lowsonford download
M5 Meriden, Corley Moor & Fillongley download
M6 Monkspath, Tanworth & Ilshaw Heath download
M7 Brueton Park, Ilshaw Heath & Packwood download
M8 Balsall Common, Beausale & Wroxall download
M9 Cheswick Green, Tamworth & Ullenhall download
M10 Solihull Lodge, Forhill & Hollywod download
M11 Hockley Heath, Ullenhall & Henley download
M12 Marston Green, Cole Valley & Sarehole Mill download
M13 Bentley Heath & the Tapster Valley download
M14 Shirley, Hollywood & Forhill download
M15 Coleshill, Furnace End & Nether Whitacre download
M16 Lapworth, Claverdon & Shrewley download
M17 Chelmsley Wood, Elmdon & Ravenshaw download
M18 Castle Bromwich, New Hall & Water Orton download
L1 Dorridge, Little Shrewley & Lowsonford download
L2 Knowle, Beausale & Hatton download
L4 Dickens Heath, Portway, Barnt Green & Forhill download
L5 Meriden, Maxstoke & Corley download
L7 Brueton Park, Ilsha Heath & Barston download
L8 Balsall Common, Kenilworth, Beausale download
L9 Cheswick Green, Forhill, Tanworth download
L11 Hockley Heath, Tanworth, Lowsonford & Packwood download
L12 Marston Green, Blakesley Hall & Catherine-de-Barnes NOT AVAILABLE
L15 Coleshill, Kingsbury Water Park & Lea Marston download
XL4 Dickens Heath, Redditch & Ullenhall download
XL5 Meriden, Corley Moor & Fillongley download
XL8 Balsall Common, Beausale & Wroxall download
XL11 Hockley Heath, Wooton Wawen & Packwood download
XL15 Coleshill, Furnace End & Nether Whitacre download
XL16 Lapworth, Claverdon & Shrewley download